Immigration, bankruptcy and foreclosure issues

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Bankruptcy isn-t always in the best interest of individuals or companies under financial duress. Debt settlement solutions are sometimes a preferable course of action, but require the assistance of an attorney that specializes in this practice. Whether it-s a failed business venture, medical bills, or any other event that pops up unexpectedly, debts are a source of stress, but choosing the right legal representation can provide some peace of mind.

Debt Settlement Attorney

Debtors who are unsure of whether or not they should hire an attorney to assist them only need to schedule a consultation with Szabo Law Group and the situation will be fully analyzed and legal advice can be offered – something debt settlement companies cant do. Aron Szabo has experience working with individuals and businesses that need debt settlement advice, and he can fully evaluate your particular circumstance.

Debt Settlement Overview

An attorney can assist in the process of negotiating with creditors to reduce the amount owed. Some debtors will attempt this on their own, often to little impact on their overall debt. Others will use a debt settlement company, which is a service that doesn-t always have credentialed staff on hand to offer true assistance. A smarter choice is to hire an attorney that knows the law and can negotiate more effectively than other “professionals.” In some cases, a creditor/lender will sue the debtor to collect debt. When an attorney is retained, they can assist the debtor in fighting the suit. There are instances in which the creditor has violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and the debtor can gain advice from the attorney on how to proceed. Furthermore, a debt settlement overview might reveal that filing for bankruptcy would be in the favor of the debtor, and an attorney is just the professional to help a debtor come to that conclusion. The two prevailing types of debt are secured and unsecured. A secured creditor will have interest in an asset, such as a car, boat, land, etc. Unsecured debt, which is generally tied to purchased goods, like clothing or housewares from retailers like Target, can-t be reclaimed, but the merchant can make repeated attempts to contact the debtor to collect their money, sue, garnish wages, and levy bank accounts. Szabo Law Group is committed to assisting you through your financial obstacles. Aron Szabo will personally meet with you, listening and understanding your particular circumstance. Szabo Law Group will review your particular financial circumstance and provide a solution either through debt settlement, chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy, chapter 11 bankruptcy, or another form of resolution. To schedule consultation contact the Szabo Law Group today at (954) 210-6054.


Szabo Law Group is committed to providing personalized legal help to those in need of immigration services in Ft. Lauderdale and throughout Florida and the continental US. As an immigrant from Hungary himself, our principal attorney- Aron T. Szabo- empathizes with fellow immigrants, and understands how troublesome it can be to face an unsure residency or work status. Our firm provides individualized counsel for all immigration needs. Szabo Law is a dedicated advocate for our friends and neighbors in the immigrant community.

Immigration, bankruptcy and foreclosure issues