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Criminal Defense of Immigrants

Foreigners who are convicted of deportation offenses face removal from the U.S. Even a DUI conviction can result in deportation. If removal proceedings have already commenced it is critical for foreigners who are arrested or convicted in the United State to seek legal counsel to attempt a cancellation of removal proceeding.

Facing criminal issues as an immigrant?

It is vital for non-citizens to retain legal counsel as early as possible after arrest. Our attorney may be able to get the charges dismissed or reduced to a non-deportable offense. But even immigrants who have already been found guilty of a deportable crime may still be able to remain in the U.S.


In some cases, aliens may opt to voluntarily depart from the United States instead of risking deportation.


Our Immigration attorneys will guide you every step of the way

In South Florida we accompany our clients to interviews. We fight ICE in immigration court and the Board of Immigration Appeals. And if our clients get arrested, we will do everything to get the get the charge dropped or lessened to a non-removable offense.


We represent foreign nationals from all over the world. At Szabo Law Group we understand the complexities and stress associated with dealing with immigration matters. We will take the time to understand your particular circumstance, outline the best available options, and walk you through your immigration matter.


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Szabo Law Group is committed to providing personalized legal help to those in need of immigration services in Ft. Lauderdale and throughout Florida and the continental US. As an immigrant from Hungary himself, our principal attorney- Aron T. Szabo- empathizes with fellow immigrants, and understands how troublesome it can be to face an unsure residency or work status. Our firm provides individualized counsel for all immigration needs. Szabo Law is a dedicated advocate for our friends and neighbors in the immigrant community.

Immigration, bankruptcy and foreclosure issues