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Don’t Risk Foreclosure: Seek Out Assistance on a Short Sale

short sale sign of real estate for sale in front of a white houseIf you’re reading this, there is a chance that you’re frustrated and perhaps frightened by the fact that you are struggling financially and could lose your home to foreclosure. The fear is not unfounded – one in every 662 Florida homes is foreclosed upon every year, according to data reported by RealtyTrac. Instead of risking the damage that a foreclosure can cause to your credit history, seek out assistance in securing a short sale of your home.

Foreclosures generally occur after homeowners struggle for months to catch up on mortgage payments. Whether it’s a medical emergency, divorce, job loss or other circumstances that cause a financial crisis, it happens too often. The mortgage company is blind to the reasons you are struggling. What they do see is how long you’ve failed to pay you're monthly bill, and they will take action against you.

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Family Based Immigrant Visas: How Does it Work?

Man and woman with a child need a help of getting family based immigrant visasThe Migration Policy Institute says that in 2013, 41.3 million immigrants were living in the U.S. – an all­time high. In fact, the U.S. is at the top of the list of countries in which migrants seek to gain entry. However, the visa process that allows immigrants to live here legally is quite complex, which means getting through the process requires an attorney with extensive knowledge of immigration law.

To get an understanding of how the family based immigrant visa process begins, first look at the different types of visas that are granted. The U.S. immigration law allows for two groups of family based immigrant visa categories, one of which is for immediate relatives and the other is family preference.

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How Long Does Bankruptcy Take from Beginning to End?

Pocket watch next to notebook symbolizes the duration of bankruptcy process

The amount of time a bankruptcy case takes from beginning to end is dependent on which chapter of bankruptcy you’ve filed for, and your unique circumstances that can either hasten or delay proceedings. Generally, Chapter 7 bankruptcy takes less time than Chapter 13 bankruptcies, which can be quite complex. Business owners filing for Chapter 11 will also undergo a fairly complex process, but usually tie up their lose ends faster than Chapter 13 cases.

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What’s Next for DACA and the DREAM Act?

Immigration Law Book with legislation and judicial regulation processAn executive order that provides relief for eligible illegal immigrants could expire when President Barack Obama leaves office in 2016. As of right now, nobody can guess who will take over the Oval Office or if they’ll support Obama’s stance on the issue, so what should immigrants do in preparation?

A little background is in order: President Obama said in June 2012 of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants that they are “Americans in their heart, in their minds, in ever single way but one: on paper.” Unfortunately, some of these immigrants arrive as children, go to school and graduate from high school, only to be deported. It’s worth noting, however, that under the Obama administration, more immigrants have been deported per month than were deported per month under the Bush administration.

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How Soon After Bankruptcy Can I Buy a Home?

Front view of single small house in the United StatesJust because you’ve filed for bankruptcy doesn’t mean your chances of owning a house are forever in doubt. If you are otherwise able to become credit-worthy in the future, filing for chapter 7, 11, or 13 will not create a permanent roadblock for you in your home-buying ventures. However, there are some stipulations you need to know about.

Depending on which chapter of bankruptcy you filed under, 7 or 13 (which are the most consumer-centric forms of bankruptcy), determines when you’ll be eligible to purchase a home. However, there are provisions for people who have filed for chapter 11 that are worth noting if you haven’t yet declared bankruptcy. Chapter 11 allows individuals and businesses rearrange their finances and repay portions of their debt. Most plans for chapter 11 last three to five years, but it can be used to stop a foreclosure of your current home and catch up on late mortgage payments, rewrite the terms of a mortgage, and pay down tax liability without interest.

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