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It’s not uncommon for business with big debt to also have issues with the IRS. Many times, these problems are related to back taxes, and in some cases, the business isn’t even aware of it. One way this happens is when a business has financial issues and cannot make payroll, those payroll taxes are still due to the IRS. These taxes and penalties can build up over time, creating a major issue with the IRS.

Ft. Lauderdale Business IRS Issues Attorney

There are options available to businesses that have conflict with the IRS, and it pays to have an attorney with experience dealing with the IRS on your side. Aron Szabo is an attorney who has worked with businesses that have found themselves in a pinch with the IRS. He is skilled at guiding businesses through the process to a more certain outcome, lessening the chance of a business folder under debt related to back taxes.

Business IRS Issues Overview

An effective negotiation with the IRS is helpful in finding a solution. For instance, staying in touch with the IRS helps reduce the chance of further penalties and interest, and can reduce the probability of losing the business.

Don’t put off connecting with an attorney for too long because some tax debts compound at a rate of up to 14 percent. The IRS will not back down unless you are out of business, completely liquidated, or unemployed. Congress has empowered the IRS, giving them the authority to seize anything connected to the business.

Another reason to consider hiring an attorney is that they are exempt from testify should you land in court. The attorney/client privilege exists with attorneys, but not with CPA or a tax preparer. Furthermore, an attorney can assist you in making the right decisions, including reaching tax settlements. Tax attorneys have a deeper understanding of various tax settlement programs than CPAs. Tax laws and codes are complex issues and change often, which is why it’s advantageous to choose a professional who works with these guidelines day in and day out.

Szabo Law Group is committed to assisting individuals through their financial obstacles, including IRS business tax issues. Aron Szabo personally meets with every client and spends time listening to and understanding their particular circumstance. Szabo Law Group will review your particular IRS issue and work toward a solution. To schedule a free consultation, contact the Szabo Law Group today at (954) 210–6054.

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