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L1 Visa – Application, Extensions, Green Card

L1 Visa – New Office

New office special rules New office special rules are strictly scrutinized. If the United States company is less than a year old, or has not...
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L1 Visa – Requirements

All circumstances must be viewed, however the biggest factors are the employment history and relationship between the foreign entity and the US company.

L1 Business Visa

If you have a business, company outside of the United States, applying for an L1 Business Visa can give you the ability to move to the United States and operate a business in the United Sates.

Criminal Defense of Immigrants

Foreigners who are convicted of deportation offenses face removal from the U.S. If removal proceedings have already commenced it is critical for foreigners who are arrested or convicted in the US to seek legal counsel to attempt a cancellation of removal proceeding.

Green Card, Citizenship

A Green Card gives you official immigration status in the United States. It is required if you wish to naturalize as a U.S. Citizen. If you are not familiar with the processes and would like to apply for or renew a Green Card, contact us.

Small Business Bankruptcy

The recent economic downturn has caused business to encounter financial difficulty. Know what your options are to get back on track to success.